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                Efficient news release:

                Matrix fine-grained content service model ensures your innovative ideas and the cut-edging technology &products covering the target group.

                Accurate advertisement release:

                Distributed and accurate target ensure the efficiency of advertisement release.

                Planning and organizing conference activity

                Brand-new communication model, the hottest industrial topics, the efficient face-to-face communication between the IC vendors and electronic system designers.

                Vertical market research and analysis

                Committed pertinent research and analyze market direction and consumer’s potential demand according to specific need.

                Direct mail

                Choose the target audience from EEWORLD consumer database, and send your latest product information, activity invitation, product catalog, and market research, etc. directly to them.

                Email service (EDM)

                Through EEWORLD email service, you can send your latest product information, activity invitation, product catalog, and market research to electronics system designer in time.


                eNewsletter is EEWORLD’s weekly email news, electronic system designers have access to the latest industry and product information, and your communication demand can also be sent to them.

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