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                About EEWORLD

                EEWORLD is founded in 2006. EEWORLD aims to promote the innovation of electronic system by giving sincere services to electronic system design community, inspiring innovation thoughts, sharing innovation experience, spreading innovation knowledge, and then promote the electronic information industry in China to be big and strong.

                The core service of EEWORLD is to transmit the innovative information of IC technology and product. We provide free online datasheet. We share original R&D experience and innovative application knowledge. We spark original inspiration of electronic system designers.

                EEWORLD aims to search the original knowledge of electronic system design, improve the innovation ability of electronic system design, and promote the innovative electronic engineering field. EEWORLD provide several million of datasheets of daily used components and tens of thousands of circuit diagrams of electronic devices, we issue more than one hundred pieces of the latest IC technology and products news everyday.

                After three years of development, EEWORLD has become an influential online media in the electronic engineering field. Now, we have a community of hundreds of thousands of members, and the traffic flow is very high.

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