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                • FPGA Power Solutions

                  FPGA 的完整电源解决方案

                • 无线充电器

                  这是无¤线充电器的参考设计,工作原理为:通过电磁感应实现物体间的电能传输。使用了具有全模拟功能的RL78/G11微控制器、ISL28006电流检测放大器和HIP2106A MOSFET驱动器。

                • Wi-Fi智能插↓线板


                • 点读笔


                • 棒↓式应变仪

                  DAQ on a Stick Strain Gauge with Programmable Chopper Stabilized In Amp

                • 辐射加固FPGA电源解决方案

                  Renesas Offers a Complete Solution for Powering Rad Hard FPGAs

                  原理图 PCB

                • 智能雪花环境灯

                  Renesas is ready for the cold with a full lineup of power and analog components spec’d to operate down to -40 °C.

                  原理图 PCB

                • 宠物监护仪

                  The Renesas Pet Activity Monitor is a practical reference design created in celebration of the Year of the Dog. This device can track your dog’s barking and activity, and data can be viewed and downloaded from your PC.

                • 智能、炫酷的音乐花形灯

                  Renesas’ ?ower reference design showcases a diverse portfolio of products for broad market applications. From power management to precision analog and specialty ICs, we've got you covered for your designs.

                  原理图 PCB

                • 智能音乐饮品杯垫

                  Renesas' beverage coaster reference design showcases the Renesas Synergy S3 MCU with the ISL8202M 3A power module and several other power and analog signal chain components.

                  原理图 PCB

                • 12位,2GSPS数据采集参考设计

                  By interleaving Renesas' low power, high sample rate ADCs, it is possible to achieve a combination of ultra-high sample rate and very high dynamic range that is not available in today’s stand-alone ADCs. This reference design demonstrates the performance attainable by combining Renesas' ADC technology and SP Devices' interleaving algorithms. In this design, four ISLA112P50 12-bit, 500MSPS analog-to-digital converters are interleaved to sample at a rate of 2.0GSPS. At this sampling rate, the reference design provides over 6dB more SNR and 13dB better SFDR than the best alternative stand-alone ADC.