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                aytwartoofyoroo 发布

                ADA4939-1YCP-EBZ,用于单个 16 引脚 3 mm + 3 mm LFCSP 封装的差分放大△器评估板

                使用 Analog Devices 的 ADA4939-1 的参★考设计



                • ADA4939-1YCP-EBZ, differential driver evaluation board makes it easy for designers to obtain quick performance results for their particular differential driver application circuits. The board layout is very flexible and allows for many circuit configurations, including traditional four-resistor circuits, circuits with two different feedback loops, circuits with input and output transformers, filters, and many others. Most resistors and capacitors use 0603 and 0508 packages. The evaluation board part number labeling does not contain any specific differential amplifier part number information because this is a universal evaluation board and can be used with any Analog Devices differential amplifier in a 16-lead, 3 mm + 3 mm LFCSP with a dedicated feedback pin


                • Number of Supplies


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                ADA4939-1YCPZ-R7 Special Purpose Amplifiers SP Amp Differential ADC Driver Single 5.25V 16-Pin LFCSP EP T/R 点击下载

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