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                ghaytweyhtoo 发布




                The STEVAL-ILL089V1 evaluation board is based on the ALED6000 monolithic current source for high power LED driving. Digital dimming is implemented by driving the dedicated DIM pin. Low drop-out operation with almost 100% duty cycle can be achieved.
                [STEVAL-ILL089V1 IMAGE]
                The ALED6000 is a 61 V asynchronous switching regulator with embedded Power MOSFET, designed to source up to 3 ADC current depending on the application conditions. The 250 mV typical RSENSE voltage drop, the embedded switchover feature on the VBIAS pin and the light load management (pulse skipping) all contribute to maximizing power conversion efficiency across the entire load range.
                The current limit threshold and the switching frequency are adjustable for application optimization. The device includes an internal 250 kHz oscillator that can be externally adjusted up to 1.5 MHz. The size of the overall application is minimized thanks to the high switching frequency and its compatibility with ceramic output capacitors. Two LED6000 regulators can be synchronized in a 180° out-of-phase configuration for reduced total input RMS current.

                4.5 V to 60 V input voltage
                Step-down conversion
                1 A programmed LED current
                500 kHz switching frequency
                Digital dimming
                Compliant with ceramic output capacitors
                180° out of phase synchronization available
                Auto recovery overcurrent and thermal protection
                RoHS and WEEE compliant

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                ALED6000 LED升压稳流器 3A 61V Monolithic current source with dimming capability 点击下载

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