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                基于SPC582B60E1 Chorus系列MCU和FDA903D D类音频放大器的AVAS解决方案

                AEK-AUD-C1D9031:AVAS solution based on SPC582B60E1 Chorus family MCU and FDA903D Class D audio amplifier

                The AEK-AUD-C1D9031 is a very compact AVAS solution based on SPC582B60E1 Chorus family MCU and FDA903D Class D audio amplifiers that emits warning sounds to alert pedestrians of the presence of e-vehicles.
                [AEK-AUD-C1D9031 IMAGE]
                The AEK-AUD-C1D9031 integrates two audio amplifiers in stereo mode or two separate audio channels. The board compact size allows the designer to strategically place different modules around the vehicle to ensure that warning sounds can be heard along the entire vehicle length. All the modules can be controlled by a central MCU via CAN interface.
                The embedded SPC582B60E1 microcontroller monitors and controls the two Class-D FDA903D power amplifiers driving the loudspeakers; the MCU sends the audio samples via I2S bus and programs the amplifiers via I2C interface.

                All features
                Embeds two FDA903D class D automotive grade audio amplifiers and an SPC582B60E1 Chorus family MCU with 1 Mb flash
                Supports audio stream via I2S interface
                Configurable through dedicated I2C bus
                Supports CAN bus interface for remote control and diagnostics
                Dedicated DC diagnostic interrupt pin to signal malfunctions
                Dedicated MUTE pin
                Open load in play detection
                Short to VCC/GND diagnostics
                Output voltage and current detection
                Thermal protection
                Compact size: 110 mm x 90 mm
                WEEE and RoHS compliant
                Included in the AutoDevKit initiative

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