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                The AEK-POW-100W4V1 is a very compact DC-DC converter for automotive and transportation applications which allows regulating the output voltage in two different modes: fixed outputs and PPS (Programmable Power Supply) with 20 mV steps.
                [AEK-POW-100W4V1 IMAGE]

                The AEK-POW-100W4V1 allows to set the output current from a min. of 0.05 A to a max. of 5 A for the entire output voltage range with 50 mA steps.
                The AEK-POW-100W4V1 includes several protection systems: short-circuit, overcurrent and thermal protection.
                The AutoDevKit software library includes dedicated components able to configure and drive the board from ST microcontrollers.


                Up to 100 W power on a single DC-DC channel
                Input voltage range: 6 V to 26 V
                MCU selectable fixed outputs: 3.3 V, 5 V, 9 V, 15 V, 20 V
                Programmable max output current up to 5 A with steps of 50 mA
                Programmable output voltages: 20 mV steps from 3.3 to 11 V
                Short circuit, over-current, thermal protections
                Size 84.7 mm x 81.3 mm
                Included in AutoDevKit initiative
                RoHS compliant


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