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                smallembedded 发布


                EVAL-L9963E-MCU:L9963E Evaluation Board with on board MCU with preloaded firmware (GUI)

                The EVAL-L9963E-MCU is a hardware tool for evaluation of L9963E, automotive chip for battery management applications. It can be used for the development of a 48 V battery management system (BMS) or as lower stage of a distributed BMS (depending on total battery voltage. Additional stages can be added thanks to EVAL-L9963E-NDS).
                [EVAL-L9963E-MCU Image]
                EVAL-L9963E-MCU allows the user to connect up to 14 channels for cell voltage sensing, one channel for current sensing, and up to 4 analog input for temperature sensing (plus an additional on-board NTC to sense PCB temperature). The board provides an onboard microcontroller with preloaded GUI (graphical user interface) firmware intended to be used with STSW-L9963E PC GUI.

                All features
                Measures from 4 to 14 cells in series, with 0 μs desynchronization delay between samples. Supports also busbar connection without altering cell results
                Coulomb counter supporting pack overcurrent detection in both ignition on and off states
                Fully synchronized current and voltage samples
                16-bit voltage measurement
                2.66 Mbps isolated serial communication with regenerative buffer, supporting dual access ring
                Transformer based isolation
                Up to 4 analog inputs for NTC sensing, plus PCB temperature sensing
                Onboard microcontroller SPC574S64E3 with 32-bit Power Architecture MCU for automotive chassis and safety applications
                Onboard L9001 regulator as microcontroller power supply
                Hot plug dedicated circuit
                器件 类型 描述 数据手册
                L9963E 混合动力/电动汽车IC Automotive chip for battery management applications with daisy chain up to 31 devices 点击下载

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