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                The STEVAL-ISA130V1 demonstration board implements a non-isolated buck topology regulator using the VIPer06, which supplies a 12 V output at up to 140 mA with an operating frequency of 30 kHz.

                The output voltage of this power supply can be easily set by changing the value of one resistor.
                The circuit can be powered by either 85 V to 265 V AC or 100 V to 375 V DC.


                • 800 V avalanche-rugged power section
                • PWM operation current mode controller
                • Limiting current with adjustable set point
                • Fixed frequency with jitter for EMI improvement
                • Operating frequency: 30 kHz
                • Input voltage range: 85 V to 265 V AC or 100 V to 375 V DC
                • Low power application without auxiliary winding
                • No load consumption below 30 mW @ 265 Vac
                • On-board soft-start
                • Auto-restart after a fault condition
                • Feedback disconnection protection
                • Hysteretic thermal shutdown
                • RoHS compliant
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                VIPER06 高压转△换器 VIPerPlus系列:用于直接反馈的节能高压转换器 点击下载

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